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NB Climate and Renewable Energy (CARE) Week 2023

Tantramar Climate Change Week is now NB Climate Change and Renewable Energy (CARE) Week! EOS is partnering with Renewables NB members and other great environmental organizations to celebrate solutions to climate change that are happening in New Brunswick. Check out the full list of events (more are being added!), registration details, etc. on our CARE Week webpage.  All events are free and open to everyone.

Please note that Climate Trivia has been cancelled.

Meet our New Staff Members

EOS recently said goodbye to Lauren Clark, our energy projects coordinator of three years, and to Kirsti Mrazek, the first municipal climate change coordinator for Sackville. We now have some new faces at the office. Julia Feltham is our new energy coordinator and Brittany Murphy is the new municipal climate change coordinator. Em Coates is our winter student intern. You can read more about them on our staff page.