About EOS Eco-Energy

Welcome to EOS Eco-Energy!

EOS Eco-Energy is a not-for-profit organization based out of Sackville, New Brunswick. Incorporated in 2004, we serve the Tantramar-Memramcook region with projects concerning energy and climate change. We are dedicated to energy sustainability in Tantramar and pursue that goal by promoting energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, sustainable community planning, and climate change adaptation. We also conduct educational campaigns, research, action projects, and more! Check out our project pages to find out more.

What’s New?

To find out about the latest programs, workshops, events and activities, check out our news page, Facebook page or Twitter Feed. You can also sign up to receive our event notices and become a member. Thanks for engaging with EOS!

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Our Vision

EOS envisions a Tantramar Community that is safe, thriving and resilient in the face of climate change.

Our Mission

EOS works collaboratively with individuals, organizations and government to promote energy conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and adaptation to climate change.

What’s in a Name?

Eos is the Greek word for dawn or new beginning. The original thought was to use “EOS” as an acronym (e.g. Energy, Opportunity, Sustainability). After careful consideration, it was decided that using the simple Greek meaning was the best use to convey the identity of the group.

Message from the Board of Directors

From home energy efficiency to an electric vehicle charging station, from rain gardens to the bulk purchase of solar panels, EOS is committed to finding community-based solutions to climate change. Through public workshops, school programs, community outreach and government consultations, EOS wants to work with you to find ways to conserve energy, create green energy, and adapt to climate change. EOS aims to make these solutions available to communities in the Tantramar region and beyond. The overarching goal of EOS is to foster ways to help our communities adapt to the challenges of a changing climate, while at the same time becoming better connected, better informed, and actively engaged in ways to make our society stronger, healthier, and vibrantly sustainable!


EOS Eco-Energy was awarded an Environmental Leadership Award in 2005 from the New Brunswick Department of the Environment for significant contributions in promoting environmental awareness. Environmental Leadership Awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and businesses that demonstrate exceptional leadership in the enhancement and protection of the environment.

In 2015 EOS Eco-Energy and partner communities were awarded the Gulf of Maine Council’s Sustainable Communities Award for our collaborative work on regional adaptation.

Our Funders

We are grateful for the support we receive from project funders over the years!

  • New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund
  • Westmorland-Albert Community Inclusions Network Co-operative
  • Mount Allison Students Union Green Investment Fund
  • EcoAction Canada
  • Renaissance Sackville
  • Municipality of the County of Cumberland
  • NB Power