Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

“From home energy efficiency to an electric vehicle charging station, from rain gardens to the bulk purchase of solar panels, EOS is committed to finding community-based solutions to climate change. Through public workshops, school programs, community outreach and government consultations, EOS wants to work with you to find ways to conserve energy, create green energy, and adapt to climate change. EOS aims to make these solutions available to communities in the Tantramar region and beyond. The overarching goal of EOS is to foster ways to help our communities adapt to the challenges of a changing climate, while at the same time becoming better connected, better informed, and actively engaged in ways to make our society stronger, healthier, and vibrantly sustainable!”

2017-2018 Board Members

  • Chair: Perry Eldridge
  • Vice Chair: Alice Cotton
  • Past Chair: Roland Chiasson
  • Secretary: Julia Feltham
  • Treasurer: Peter Higham
  • Sackville Community Representatives: Barb Clayton,  Agnes Koller, Sean LeMoine
  • Dorchester Community Representatives: Sara Boyce
  • Port Elgin and Area Community Representatives: Val MacDermid, Marianne Vella-Dickson
  • Memramcook Community Representatives: Vacant
  • Youth Representative: Tina Oh

Advisors to the Board of Directors

  • Town of Sackville Advisor/Liaison: Jamie Burke
  • Village of Dorchester Advisor/Liaison: Wayne Feindel
  • Village of Memramcook Advisor/Liaison: Vacant

Pictured: Perry Eldridge (chair), Julia Feltham (secretary), Val MacDermid (Port Elgin area community rep), Roland Chiasson (past chair), Marianne Vella-Dickson (Port Elgin area community rep), Tina Oh (student rep), Peter Higham (treasurer). Absent: Alice Cotton (vice chair), Barb Clayton (Sackville area community rep), Sara Boyce (Dorchester area rep), Sean LeMoine (Sackville area community rep), Agnes Koller (Sackville area community rep).