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In small rural communities, we are largely dependent on personal vehicles for transportation to work, access to services, recreational facilities, social events, and a range of other daily activities. This is an issue from both an environmental and social perspective. Access to rural transportation systems helps communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by creating efficient transportation. It also allows residents who are unable to afford a personal vehicle or cannot drive, to access goods and services. Developing a regional transportation strategy has been identified as one of the top priorities in Tantramar 2040, your regional sustainability plan.


Transportation for Tantramar began in 2011 with the goal of developing a sustainable transportation system for the Tantramar region. After surveying residents in Dorchester, Memramcook, Port Elgin and Sackville on the subject of transportation needs, EOS produced a report entitled the “Transportation for Tantramar Model.” The report identifies three possible transportation opportunities: common transportation (i.e., van or bus), carsharing, and carpooling. In 2012, EOS explored the implementation of these opportunities, and continue to engage with partners and community members to develop the most effective model for this area.

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Common Transportation: Could you or someone you know benefit from a regional shuttle service?

The current situation: The Tantramar region does not currently have a local common transportation service, despite a large and documented need for it. Community transportation systems provide essential services that are critical to the daily functioning of all communities, including access to medical appointments and other public services.

What we want to do: EOS Eco-Energy wants to run a trial shuttle service this winter (2014) to help residents get to Amherst, Moncton and Sackville for medical appointments, groceries and other public services.

Help design a a service to meet your transportation needs: Your feedback will help plan and design a service that best meets the transportation needs of our communities. Physical copies of the surveys are available at municipal offices and public libraries in Dorchester, Memramcook, Port Elgin, and Sackville. You can also fill out the survey online by clicking on the link below:

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Carsharing: Are you interested in carsharing? Maybe you want to know more about it? Look no further!

What is Carsharing: Carsharing is a membership based service that is available to all qualified drivers in a community (21+). All carshare organizations offer members access to a dispersed network of shared vehicles 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at un-attended self-serve locations. It has been designed for shorter time and distance trips and enhance mobility options. Carsharing helps members save money over the cost of individual car ownership by encouraging members to drive less, plan more, use other modes of transportation, share fuel efficient vehicles when a car is needed.

What is happening? In Sackville there are currently two groups who have been meeting to discuss the development of carsharing in the region.

1. Enterprise Carshare: The Transportation for Tantramar Network have been working to implement a carsharing service in Sackville. Recently the Transportation for Tantramar Network sought funding from Renaissance Sackville to develop a carsharing service in partnership with Enterprise Carshare. Some details remain to be determined the anticipated launch date will be in January 2014.

You can learn more about the Transportation for Tantramar Network, and their efforts to implement a carshare service by clicking on the link below:
Transportation for Tantramar Online

2. Co-op Carsharing: With the support of EOS Eco-Energy a group of community residents have come together in support of developing a co-operative carshare in Sackville. Inspired by Kootenay Carshare the group will continue meeting in the New Year (2014) to observe and learn from Enterprise Carshare, and to further develop the co-operative model. Their next tentatively scheduled meeting January 21, 6:30pm.

If you’re interested in connecting with this group and joining the conversation contact: – 506 536 4487

Transportation for Tantramar Network: Improving community transportation in Tantramar

The Transportation for Tantramar Network first came together when EOS Eco-Energy received funding to develop a community transportation system in Tantramar. To help with outreach, community residents and groups were called to action and asked to join a committee led by EOS. In May 2013 the committee recognized the value for continued collaboration on transportation projects and choose to formalize as an non-incorporated network. Now the Transportation for Tantramar Network work together with the purpose of facilitating better access to current and new transportation services in the area!

You can learn more by visiting their website at the link below:
Transportation For Tantramar Network

Other Resources: Interested in community transportation or just want to learn more? Check out the link below to learn about neat and interesting facts about alternative transportation.

For More Information Please Contact:

(506) 536 – 4487