How to use this Toolkit

This toolkit has Great Ideas for inspiring community resilience. It has been created by and for individuals, businesses, organizations and the community in Sackville, New Brunswick. Whether you are new to town or have lived in Sackville all your life, you will find helpful, practical information, ideas and resources. The toolkit is also a unique resource for community members in other small towns.

The Great Ideas are a collection of interdependent actions that can be done at home, in your workplace, organization, school, and/or as part of larger community initiatives run by local organizations or volunteers. Start small or go big. It is at the community level where resilience grows. In times of hardship – floods, storms, power outages, emergencies, pandemics – it is community residents, businesses and organizations that help each other get through tough times. A great example is the Tantramar Covid Taskforce, formed to help the most vulnerable meet basic needs during the pandemic.

Most of all, the toolkit is meant to empower community-based actions and working together to create a resilient community, while also providing ideas for individual actions. Many of the actions are things that can be done together. There are suggestions for larger community-wide programs and influencing even larger municipal, provincial and federal government changes.

The Great Ideas are in no particular order, and all are important interconnected actions. They have been grouped together in themes including:

Health and Wellness

Education and Skill Building


Green Spaces


Flood Risk

Emergency Planning



Local Economy


Citizen Engagement

Along the way you will find inspiring stories from Sackville area residents, businesses and organizations that are already taking steps to be more resilient. The toolkit wraps up with an implementation plan, and links to further resources. Contact information for organizations mentioned throughout this toolkit are listed in the Community Directory. This toolkit is only the beginning of the great ideas the Sackville community can make happen.

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