Summer 2016 Energy Programs

EOS offered two energy programs for Tantramar residents during summer 2016! Read more below and contact EOS for more information.

1. FREE Home Energy Efficiency Program

The first was focused on increasing the energy efficiency of homes across Tantramar. You can read all about the program here.

Efficiency Program Poster

2. Solar Panel Bulk Purchase and Installation Program

The second is a solar panel bulk purchase and installation in partnership with Fundy Solar. This is the the second summer in a row we are offering this great opportunity to purchase Canadian-made solar panels at just a $1 per watt. Find out more below and read the EOS Solar Bulk Fact Sheet 2016 too.  We currently have only 9 of 15kw needed to complete the bulk purchase. Sign up by contacting EOS at 536-4487 for The bulk purchase is still open.

solar bulk purchase Poster