Sump Pump Bulk Purchase Order 2021

EOS Eco-Energy and Cory Allen’s Plumbing & Heating are happy to announce they are partnering to offer a sump pump bulk purchase. Homeowners in the Tantramar-Memramcook region can sign up starting today until February 24th, 2021. By participating in the bulk purchase, you get a 15% discount off a sump pump or battery back-up sump pump. The battery back-up design protects your home from costly flood damage even when the power goes off. Intended to evacuate flood waters, sump pumps are a useful investment especially if you live in a low-lying area or a flood zone. Due to increasingly severe rain events, even homes on high ground are susceptible to flooding and would benefit from a sump pump. Many insurance companies require battery back-up sump pumps now. The installation must be completed by Cory Allen’s Plumbing & Heating to be eligible for the discounted sump pump. EOS has been awarded New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund funding to coordinate this program.  Please contact EOS Eco-Energy (506-536-4487 or for more information or to register for the bulk purchase.