EOS offers a wide range of services for municipal governments, non-profit organizations, businesses, residents and others. Our Services

  • Community-based climate adaptation plans
  • Emissions reduction action plans
  • Sustainable community plans
  • Design and plant rain gardens
  • Bulk purchases of solar panels and efficiency items
  • Bulk purchases of emergency kits, sump pumps, backwater valves, etc.
  • Draft-proofing work parties
  • Direct installs of energy saving devices and retrofits
  • Solar home tours
  • Information booths at community events
  • Innovative, hands-on education for youth
  • Research into climate change and community development issues
  • Water sample collection and watershed research
  • And so much more!

Ask us about doing energy efficient retrofits (in partnership with NB Power)

Planting rain gardens to help reduce flooding

EOS helped the Town of Sackville with its sustainability plan and obtain funding for its energy efficient town hall!

Our Workshops

  • Rain gardens
  • DIY rain barrels and compost bins
  • Severe weather preparedness (in partnership with EMO officials)
  • Solar energy (in partnership with solar installers)
  • How to save energy at home
  • How to prepare for flooding at home
  • Edible plant walk (in partnership with edible plant experts)
  • Refashion (for teens and adults on upcycling used clothing)
  • We can also design educational hands-on experiences for youth at summer camps, etc on topics related to water, energy, sustainable living, and climate change.

DIY Rain Barrel Workshop in Partnership with Eco-Container Co.

Fees and Rates

Many programs are free to residents of Tantramar-Memramcook. EOS members enjoy discounts on  workshops. EOS also offers competitive consulting rates, and discounted rates for non-profits and members. EOS can also help access government funding and other grants. Get in touch with EOS if you’d like a service or a workshop.


“The Nature Conservancy of Canada is forever grateful to EOS for helping us fund a grid tied photovoltaic solar energy system for our shorebird interpretive centre. Thanks EOS our carbon offset from producing 1,680,344 watt hours of power since 2016, is equivalent to saving around 33 trees. Thank you EOS we are so proud.” – Kerry Lee Morris-Cormier, Manager, Johnson’s Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre, Nature Conservancy of Canada

“Over the past number of years I have become aware of the benefits of having organizations such as EOS Eco-Energy in small local communities. By making members of communities aware of local and national environmental issues while supporting local businesses such as the Eco-Container Co. to help address those concerns is very beneficial. By partnering with EOS, Eco-Container Co., has been able to raise its profile and work toward objectives of recycling, reusing and diversion of plastic containers for compost bins, rain barrels, etc. Jointly EOS Eco-Energy and Eco-Container Co. have informed many individuals about what can be done to protect and better use the available resources within our local communities and our local businesses.” – Macx MacNichol, Eco-Container Co.

“I value EOS Eco-Energy’s action-oriented approach to challenges that our communities are facing in the Tantramar region. Whether it’s assisting in the development of climate adaptation plans, protecting our watersheds, or working to support zero waste lifestyles, EOS continues to be a driving force for sustainability in our area. I look forward to continuing my involvement with this great organization and can’t wait to see what happens next”. – Adam Cheeseman, resident of Sackville.

“We regularly partner with EOS on events and initiatives in the Tantramar region focused around climate change adaptation, education, and other topics. EOS is an amazing organization to work with and have made great strides to help the Tantramar region become cleaner, healthier, and more resilient. We look forward to continue working with EOS in the future!” – Nature NB

“The Village of Port Elgin couldn’t thank EOS Eco-Energy enough for all the work they have done on behalf of our community.  Without them we wouldn’t have a sustainability plan and our residents wouldn’t have been so engaged in environmental issues.  Thank you EOS!” Val MacDermid, Councilor, Village of Port Elgin, Chairperson, Environmental Committee Chairperson

EOS Eco-Energy has been a driving force in community sustainability and enhanced environmental awareness across the region. They are now known as the region’s go-to group for research, education and action on environmental issues and solutions. Over the past decade or so, EOS has become an invaluable educational and training partner for a wide range of student and citizen research partnerships with Mount Allison University faculty, staff and students. This unique partnership has added to the wide range of community-based experiential projects and plans that have become a well known part of the sustainability initiatives of the Tantramar region.” – Dr. Mike Fox, Mount Allison University

“EOS has been a strong partner is the UNESCO designated Research Centre of Excellence on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Tantramar) that has brought a wide range of research and educational projects together for all ages and grades in the schools and university classes across the Tantranar Region, including sustainability planning and public education at the local and regional levels.” – RCE Tantramar

“EOS Eco-Energy has helped Port Elgin and the surrounding area to work towards sustainability.  At Pedvac Foundation they have provided workshops on how to build a solar food dehydrator, how to build a rain garden, and how to build your own rain barrel water recovery system.  They also provided us with a draft proofing party and we were able to decrease our leaks by 18%”. – Val MacDermid, Executive Director, Pedvac

“What a great event happened on Saturday at Murray Corner and 3 other locations – EOS Eco-Energy, in conjunction with the Province of New Brunswick and Campbell Lab (Mount Allison University), put on a one day blitz of water sampling.  What a great idea and given the weather conditions there was a great community turnout to support the event. I and others realize that this type of sampling cannot be identified as the be all end all and give us all the answers on what is happening in our inland and shore waters – BUT – it gives those who are really interested in doing something, a chance, to physically participate in an event like this.  I personally met some folks who I had exchanged emails with on more than one occasion but finally had the opportunity to meet in person. I want to also mention how well I thought the event was publicized and the attention it got from the press.  The folks from EOS who were at the Murray Corner site where friendly, knowledgeable and I learned some things about water sampling I didn’t know before. Congratulations EOS for doing a great job, and holding a great event.  I, like so many others, appreciate your work. Kindest regards and keep up the good work.” – Murray Corner Resident