Renew New Brunswick (2022-2023)

Project Summary:

This project focused on climate change education, specifically education around energy efficiency and renewable energies in New Brunswick.

EOS is an award-winning, highly respected, and trusted environmental organization with 19 years of experience helping communities and residents in NB reduce emissions by educating them about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The project has 5 components: The Renewables NB website, workshops/presentations, creating online interactive solar potential maps, a solar bulk purchase and creating lesson plans for wind turbine, solar panel, and micro hydro kits for science classes.

This report follows the form of our original proposal to The Environmental Trust Fund of New Brunswick in late 2021, though we slightly changed our targets and activities due to receiving less funding than requested, staff changes and collaborating with the community.

Read the final report here:

Renew New Brunswick Final Report ETF2023