Waste Reduction Projects

Reducing waste helps to reduce emissions from manufacturing, waste management (transportation, processing, recycling, landfill, etc.) and generally allows for a more sustainable lifestyle. EOS recently hosted a talk by Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home, and she taught over 100 people the importance of refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. EOS is committed to helping local residents reduce waste and live more sustainably. We have organized bulk purchases of compost bins, created art from garbage, and hosted workshops on solar dehydrators, composting and zero waste lifestyles. Find out more about our waste reduction work below.

Reports and Projects

Empowering a Sustainable Lifestyle in Tantramar (2017-2018)

Boomerang Bags – Coming Soon

Social Media 

Interested in moving toward zero waste living? Join our Zero Waste Tantramar Facebook Group to learn lots of tips and tricks and join a community of like-minded people.