Beausejour Renewable Energy (BRE) Cooperative – Green Shops Profile

BRE Cooperative provides loans to homeowners, business owners and institutions so that they can purchase renewable energy equipment. BRE Cooperative also provides a service to people who want to invest in renewable energy, but do not have a place to install such technology. BRE Cooperative collaborates with other like-minded organizations to promote the green economy, for example Renewables NB.

The building where most of the office work takes place, is a net zero home, meaning that it produces as much electricity through renewable energy, as it uses.

The building is extremely well insulated, and produces its own electricity with solar panels

The thermostat was upgraded 2 years ago to control the emergency back-up electric element more accurately in their air circulation system.

  • Only use LED or CFL light bulbs
  • Solar heated hot water
  • Electric vehicle charging port
  • The printer is Energy Star and they recycle their ink cartridges.
  • They have two low-flow toilets.
  • Several board members and several members of the cooperative have electric or hybrid cars.
  • Everything is paperless, financial transactions are done online, communications happen in person or electronically.
  • They have a bias towards using the products and services of local companies.