Environmental Education at EOS

EOS Eco-Energy is working to educate our community on climate change, sustainability, and environmental issues. We attend outdoor education days at local schools, visit classes during Climate Change Week, and work with local summer camps to put on active, involved, and immersive educational programs. EOS works with students of all ages to increase climate change knowledge, educate about extreme weather events and emergency preparedness and teach about climate change adaption on a local and global level.


Free Activity Guides from EOS and Partners

You are welcome to download and print the following lesson plans and activity guides or invite EOS to organize an activity for you.


Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Renewable Energy:

Energy and Solar Power Lesson Plans 2020-2021

Energy Use and Renewable Energy Activity Guide 2016

Electricity and Conservation Activity by Grey Hackett 2015

Solar Car Activity by Kyla Wilkinson 2023

Wind Energy Lesson Plan 2023

EOS Sun Tea Activity

EOS Heat Absorption Activity 2023


Climate Change Adaptation:

Flood Plains and Climate Adaptation by Amanda Marlin 2016

EOS K-12 Adaptation Lesson Plan by Amelia Moore, Eric Arbeau and Amanda Marlin 2020

A Kid’s Guide to Climate Resilience by Amelia Moore, Bre MacLeod and Amanda Marlin 2021


Green Roofs: 

Green Roof Activities Guide for K-12 by Hannah Wickham 2021


Climate Art:

Climate Change Art Lesson Plan by Amanda Marlin 2019


Nature Appreciation:

Food Forest and Bug Hotel Lesson Plan by Bre MacLeod 2021

Why Build A Fairy Village


Sustainable Living (Waste, Pollution, Water and More!):

Waste and Sustainability Activity Plans by Sydnie Smith 2018

Pollution Activities by Dylan Wooley Berry 2016

Saving Water Lesson Plan E Arbeau March 2020

Waste Managment Activity by GRey Hackett 2015


Community Planning:

SPY Camp Programme Guide by Amanda Marlin and Sarah Blake-Dickson 2007


Other Activities EOS Offers

  • Solar Cooking (make your own solar cooker or use our professional one to bake cookies, cheesy nachos, etc.)
  • Make seed bombs
  • Explore our model watershed table, learn about pollution sources, how natural infrastructure reduces flooding, run off and pollution, and more.
  • Coping with Climate Stress (workshops in partnership with IRIS Counselling)
  • Storm Preparedness and Safety (have fun with an emergency preparedness kit relay race!)
  • Climate Change Adaptation Card Game (fun for middles schoolers, teens and adults too!)
  • Greenhouse Effect Tag
  • Water Cycle Tag
  • Water Rangers Kits (learn how to collect and to test water for a variety of parameters like Ph, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.)
  • Role plan a Town Council meeting with sustainable development dilemmas (great for 10-13 year olds)
  • And many other activities for all ages.


We can also design something to meet your needs. Contact us today.