Partners for Climate Protection

Tantramar communities, including Sackville, Port Elgin and Dorchester are members of the Partners for Climate Protection program. The PCP is part of an international program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local community level. In Canada it is administered through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The PCP involves 5 milestones to achieve emissions reductions.

Milestone 1 – Emissions Inventory

Milestone 2 – Reduction Target

Milestone 3 – Local Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

Milestone 4 – Implementation

Milestone 5 – Final Inventory and Achievement of Target


Communities in Tantramar have successfully achieved milestones 1 and 2 and are currently working on milestone 3. Below are the reports for these milestones.

PCP Milestone 1 – Emissions Inventory


PCP Milestone 2 – Reduction Targets


Fact Sheets on Milestone Three:

Sackville Milestone 3 Fact Sheet

Port Elgin Milestone 3 Fact Sheet

Dorchester Milestone 3 Fact Sheet


Emissions Reduction Action Plans (Milestone 3)

Port Elgin Emissions Reduction Action Plan

Dorchester Emissions Reduction Action Plan

Sackville Emissions Reduction Action Plan




Implementation and Updates to the Emission Reduction Plan (Milestone 4)


Milestone 5

M5 – Dorchester

M5 – Port Elgin

M5 – Sackville