Climate Change Adaptation

EOS conducts a range of research, action and outreach on climate change. We raise awareness of local impacts and how Tantramar residents can prepare and adapt. Our work on climate change is mainly funded by the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.

Planting a rain garden in Port Elgin


Green Roof Project (2020-2022)


Climate Change and Mental Health 

Climate Stress Workshops (2019-2020)

Climate Change and Mental Resiliency 2018-2019


Adaptation Plans 

Adaptation Plans and Progress Reports

Dorchester Adaptation Plan 2017

Climate Change Adaptation Planning (2016-2017)

Climate Change Adaptation Planning (2015-2016)

Port Elgin Adaptation Plan Feb 2016

Sackville Adaptation Plan April 2016


2020-2021 Projects

Going Beyond 72 Hour Preparedness: Resiliency Skills

Great Ideas for Inspiring Community Resilience to Climate Change

Sump Pump Bulk Purchase Program (winter 2021)

Sea Level Rise and How Nature Can Help (2020-2021)

Sackville Community Climate Change Resilience Survey (Fall 2020)

Sackville Community Climate Change Resilience Project 2020-2021

Chignecto Climate Change Video Challenge 2020

Sackville Rain Garden Program 2018-2021


2019-2020 Projects

Implementing Climate Action Plans in Tantramar (2019-2020)

#RainAsA Resource – Summer 2019

Backwater Valve Bulk Program 2019


Older Projects

Climate Change Adaptation in Tantramar (2014-15)

Partners for Climate Protection

Preparing for Flooding in Tantramar

It Never Rains but it Pours – Storm Water Management Options for Tantramar Residents

Climate Change Week

Tantramar Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative

Climate Change Education and Engagement (2013-14)

Climate Change Adaptation – A ToolKit