Chignecto Watersheds Monitoring

EOS now monitors watersheds in the Chignecto Isthmus region of New Brunswick. The Chignecto Watersheds Committee is an initiative of EOS. It comprises people and groups with a wide range of expertise who share an interest in the water quality of our local watersheds. Read more about our watershed monitoring work below.


In 2017-2018 the group received funding from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund to establish a framework to start long-term water monitoring in the Inner Bay of Fundy and Cape Tormentine Peninsula Watersheds. Monitoring will provide the Chignecto Watersheds Committee with the data necessary to gain a better understanding of our watersheds and will lead to the undertaking of any necessary restoration or protection activities, ultimately ensuring healthy watersheds, sustainable ecosystems and resilient communities.

EOS Watershed Final Report 2017-2018


This year, EOS has received support from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, Renaissance Sackville, and the Atlantic Water Network & the Hillsborough River Association to monitor 12 sites in the Tantramar River Watershed. The full suite of surface water parameters will be collected from June to September. We are also monitoring the 12 sites in May & October for in-situ measurements (pH, conductivity, salinity, TDS, DO). A summary of our activities funded over the last year through our ETF grant can be found in the EOS Watershed Final Report 2018-19

Results from this year’s Tantramar River Watershed monitoring were summarized into the Tantramar River Watershed Water Quality Report 2018

We also received funding from the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund to conduct a riparian health assessment of the Tantramar River.

EOS NBWTF Final Report 2018

In partnership with the Campbell Lab at Mount Allison University and using citizen science monitoring, we conducted water sampling blitzes of the Cape Tormentine Peninsula Watershed Composite. The results from these blitzes will help to select long-term water monitoring sites in that watershed and monitoring will begin next year.

Results of the First Water Sampling Blitz

Results of our Second Water Sampling Blitz

Map of the Watersheds EOS will be Monitoring


The Chignecto Watersheds Committee envisions long-term sustainability and resiliency of our local watersheds. 


The Chignecto Watersheds Committee is an advisory committee dedicated to the sustainability of our local environment and preparing our communities for the combined impacts of climate and land use change by promoting watershed awareness through public education, conducting long-term inland water monitoring, and performing subsequent restoration and protection activities.


The Chignecto Watersheds Committee will establish the framework to conduct long-term inland water monitoring in the Inner Bay of Fundy and part of the Northumberland Strait watersheds, encourage water stewardship by raising awareness of local watershed issues through education and outreach activities, and engage volunteers to take action within our watersheds.