Picture Port Elgin

What is Picture Port Elgin?

Picture Port Elgin is a process to create a sustainable future for Port Elgin. We want to remember what Port Elgin once looked like, see the current situation, and picture what the future might look like if we work together to address the sustainability challenges that we are facing. A sustainable community is one that balances environmental, economic, and social/cultural priorities.

Picture Port Elgin will help residents of Port Elgin plan for long-term wellbeing in their community. Information from this initiative will also feed into Tantramar 2040, a related process to address sustainability for the broader region.

Picture Port Elgin Vision

Understanding where we have come from, and what we value today, we picture a future in which Port Elgin:

  • Is a safe, accessible, friendly and close-knit community that boasts an exceptional quality of life for all;
  • Supports a diverse, local business sector based on sustainable development principles;
  • Celebrates our maritime heritage; and
  • Engages residents in creating a clean, healthy community and environment.

Port Elgin – a place to call home.

Steering Committee

The Village of Port Elgin established a steering committee with representatives from various segments of the community. The members include:

  • Val MacDermid, Deputy Mayor and non-profit representative (PEDVAC)
  • Sharon Cole, business representative
  • Betty Davis, senior
  • Toni Roberts, community representative
  • Bianca Marin, youth
  • Sonia Wells, Village Clerk
  • Katie Friars and Tracey Wade, Co-coordinators of the initiative