Draft-Proofing Work Parties

This project is currently over. We hope to find more funding to offer more draft-proofing parties in the future. Stay tuned!

Draft Proofing Parties – Year 3 – Final Report

Draft-Proofing Parties – Year 2 Report

Draft-Proofing Parties – Year 1 Report

What is a draft-proofing work party?

Draft-proofing work parties allow a homeowner and their guests to learn how to seal air leaks and then work together to draft-proof the homeowner’s house during a FREE party. EOS will bring tools, materials, party food and a certified energy advisor who will teach everyone about draft-proofing. The energy advisor will also bring a blower door unit to measure the decrease in air flow.

Save more energy with additional retrofits

You can also take part in EOS’ home retrofit program. EOS can also bring retrofit items such as new LED light bulbs, shower heads and hot water pipe wrap to the party.

Who is eligible?

  • The program is open to all residents of the Tantramar Region with priority for low- income residents and/or those with non-electric heat.
  • You must own your own home or pay for your own heat and have permission from your landlord.

How long will the project last?

EOS Eco-Energy has funding from Eco Action (Environment and Climate Change Canada) to provide about 10 parties a year until winter 2020.

How do I register?

  • Send your completed form (get a copy below) to eos@nb.aibn.com.
  • Mail your form to the EOS Eco-Energy at 131D Main St. PO Box 6001 Sackville, NB E4L 1G6.
  • Or call the office at (506)536-4487 and we will fill in your form over the phone.

Draft-Proofing Work Party Registration Form:

Draft-Proofing Party Registration Form 2018-2020

What are participants saying about the parties?

  • Seeing the blower door was a huge asset and made a big difference in my understanding of locations of drafts.
  • I liked learning how to use caulking, blocking large gaps and how to seal around windows neatly.
  • I liked learning to make the improvements myself.
  • I had no idea how much air leakage there was!
  • Seeing the blower door measure air flow before and after the party was really cool!
  • Getting a to do list for additional improvements was most useful.
  • Having help to get the work done was most important.
  • Working with others made for an excellent day!
  • Despite having our draft party later in the year (February) we did notice a significant decrease in drafts.  Our NB Power home energy report indicated an improvement in our efficiency rating compared to our most efficient neighbours (1670kWh) we rated 1502 kWh! Previous reports said we were less efficient than our neighbours. We have a very large, charming but old, century home so having the party and extra hands to help us with this work made it possible for us to make these improvements.
  • Thank you so much for the draft proofing party. I noticed a difference immediately…. The bathroom used to be unbearable in the cold but feels like a normal room now. We couldn’t get our living room higher than 14 degrees C before the work but now we are seeing 18-19, which is much more comfortable….It was nice to meet all of you. I personally feel a renewed energy thanks to your support and generosity.
  • After your visit, we held our regular December meeting. For the first time in living memory we had to turn down the heat. Thank you for your professional approach and expertise, not to mention labour and supplies and a great sense of humour. The promise of food always helps bring out volunteers. We wish you success. The changes we made in just a couple of hours will save us money and other repairs you suggested will do even more. Many homes and buildings could benefit from your assessment. We are pleased to spread the word.

How many tonnes of emissions are being saved annually because of the parties?

As of 2020 we are saving 82 tonnes of emissions annually! Great work!

How do I sponsor a party?

Join other socially responsible businesses like Royal LePage Atlantic and sponsor a party. $600 will help cover EOS staff time, a certified home energy advisor, all materials, tools and party food and allow a family in need to be more comfortable and save energy.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact program coordinator Amanda Marlin at eos@nb.aibn.com or (506)536-4487.

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