Monitoring and Maintenance of Food Forests and the Green Roof (Spring-Summer 2022)

Thanks to funding from the Aster Foundation, EOS Eco-Energy was able to conduct spring and summer monitoring and maintenance of our green roof and three food forest projects in 2022. The green roof is a public space on the Sackville Town Hall. The three food forests are located at Port Elgin Regional, Dorchester Consolidated, and Tantramar Regional High Schools. These projects were all planted in summer of 2021 and being able to continue monitoring and maintaining them during 2022 has been valuable toward their long-term success.

Read the full report here:

Aster Foundation Project Report Oct 2022

Weeding the Port Elgin Regional School Food Forest in May.

Planting more plants and veggies on the Sackville Town Hall Green Roof in June.

Weeding the green roof in May.