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Welcome to the EOS Home Flood Protection Resource Page

Flood risk is increasing due to climate change impacts. Storms are happening more often and getting stronger. But there is a lot you can do to protect your home. On this page you’ll find a free home flood risk assessment program, and information about rain barrels, lots of tips and information, educational webinars and more.


FREE Home Flood Risk Assessment Program

**Extended deadline to have an assessment completed: February 2024!**

The Program

EOS is offering FREE, private confidential basement flood risk assessments. The program is available to homeowners with basements in the Memramcook, Tantramar, Strait Shores regions of southeast NB. EOS staff are receiving training in connection with the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (University of Waterloo) to provide 50-point visual assessments of homes to help reduce the risk of basement flooding. We will look at the outside of the home (landscape grading, foundations, cracks, windows, doors, downspouts, etc.) and also the basement (cracks visible inside, condition of floors, walls, sump pumps, drains, etc.) and assess based on a visual assessment guide and your input related to maintenance practices. You will get a detailed report with options for improvements and when a plumber or landscaper might be needed for more expertise. EOS staff are not plumbers, etc. and we won’t make recommendations, but we will provide best practice options that you might be interested in. Homeowners who take advantage of our program will also receive a list of additional resources, available rebates and government incentives. This program is new in New Brunswick, but has been offered in other provinces (PEI, Ontario, etc.) by environmental groups, consultants, municipalities, etc. for many years. This project is being funded by the NB Environmental Trust Fund. Your assessment report is private and confidential, just for you. It will not be shared with insurance companies or governments.

Sign up Today

To find out more or to sign up for a free, confidential visual assessment of your home by trained professionals from EOS Eco-Energy, contact Amanda or call 506.536.4487. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. SIGN UP TODAY!

EOS Home Flood Risk Reduction Rebates

Homeowners who have had an EOS home flood risk assessment and need financial assistance can qualify for a $100 rebate to help with the cost of suggested improvements to reduce their basement flood risk. A limited number of rebates are available. Funding for the rebate program has been provided by the Mount Allison Faculty Association and EOS fundraising efforts.

Eligible expenses:

  • Sump pumps, battery sump pumps, battery back up systems for sump pumps
  • Backwater valves
  • Downspouts, extensions and work to disconnect downspouts from municipal sanitary sewer lines
  • Fixing cracks in foundation
  • Landscaping (proper grading around the home, creation of a rain garden, etc.)
  • And other options listed in the home assessments

Eligible homeowners:

  • Priority given to homes in Memramcook, Tantramar, Strait Shores regions of southeast NB
  • Participated in the EOS Home Flood Risk Assessment
  • Need financial assistance
  • Not getting financial assistance from other sources for the same expense
  • Have obtained a building permit if required
  • Complete the work and submit a claim form and receipt to EOS before March 31st, 2024

Find out more and fill in the rebate application form:

EOS Home Flood Risk Reduction Rebate Form (updated October 2022)


Canada Greener Homes Grant

Need basement wall water proofing or moisture proofing? Find out if you qualify for a resiliency grant from Natural Resources Canada to help reduce your home flood risk:

Canada Greener Homes Initiative Resiliency Measures

Contact Natural Resources Canada for more information:




Additional Resources to Help Protect your Home from Flooding 

Flood Maintenance Guide  (free maintenance check list)

Rain Barrels and Water Conservation (free printable brochure)

Reducing Flood Impacts at Home (free printable brochure)

Sackville Submerged? Don’t be Scared, Be Prepared (free printable brochure)

Family Flood Plan Template (free printable template)

Sea Level Rise Information

Storm Prep Tantramar (Facebook Group managed by EOS and the Chignecto Climate Change Collaborative)

New Brunswick Government Flood Resources and Flood Hazard Maps

Intact Centre Resources – Three Steps to Cost Effective Flood Protection

Intact Centre’s Home Flood Protection Check-Up Self Assessment Tool

Understanding Water Damage Insurance Coverages (Intact Centre)

N.B. Home Flood Protection Information



How Nature Can Help

Why and How to Plant a Rain Garden (free printable brochure)

Community Forests for Flood Risk Reduction and Food Security (Project Page)

Green Roofs (Project Page)

How Nature Can Help us Adapt to Climate Change (Project page and webinars)


Educational Webinars 

Thanks to funding from the NB Environmental Trust Fund, EOS has produced a series of free webinars related to identifying flood risk and ways to adapt and protect our homes and communities.

Home Flood Protection

Join Cheryl Evans from the Intact Centre to hear about home flood protection measures that homeowners can take.

Watch the recorded webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4OMb7rA-uA

Using New Brunswick’s Flood Hazard Maps

Listen to  Sabine Dietz from ClimAtlantic to learn about how to use the New Brunswick Flood Hazard Map tool!

Watch the recorded webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q_mOuVUXMA&t=3s

Coastal Change and Flood Risk in Atlantic Canada

Hear Dr. Georgia Klein discuss coastal change and adaption in Atlantic Canada.

Watch the recorded webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgkOaAOgYFU .

Project Reports

Home Flood Risk Assessments 2022-2023 Report


Project Funders

Over the years EOS Eco-Energy’s work on flood risk reduction has been made possible with funding from:

  • NB Environmental Trust Fund
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Rotary Club of Canada
  • Horizon Health
  • Small Change Fund and local fundraisers
  • Mount Allison Faculty Association charitable foundation grant
  • Rainbarrel.ca fundraiser
  • And other sources