Going Beyond 72-Hour Preparedness

Project Summary:

Due to its low-lying coastal location, the Tantramar Region and its municipalities are some of the most vulnerable areas to climate change in New Brunswick. Storm events, floods, power outages and the associated clean up can last much longer than in the past. Going beyond 72- hour preparedness is crucial. Local residents, businesses, schools and organizations want to focus on traditional skills, becoming more self-reliant and resilient in order to adapt to climate change. To support adaptation in our region and help build long-term resilience, EOS set out to raise awareness of sea level rise and coastal flooding, offer helpful workshops on traditional skills, support progress on municipal adaptation plans, showcase local climate impacts and residents’ climate adaptations in a video challenge, coordinate a comprehensive resilience guide for the community in Sackville, create educational resources for children and youth, and offer a sump pump bulk purchase program. The project took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented some challenges but also tested people’s resilience and placed a new interest on the importance of self-reliance and the ability of communities to adapt to adversity.