Emission Reduction Plan Implementation (2021-2022)

The Tantramar region is one that is particularly vulnerable to climate change because of its location in a low-lying coastal area which is why our goal is to ultimately reduce emissions. One of the major drivers of climate change is the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. During 2021-2022, EOS focused on helping the commercial sector reduce emissions, the Renewables NB network and integrated an educational composting program into schools.

The goals of this project were:
1) Establishing a Green Shops program for the Tantramar region
2) Coordinating and expanding Renewables NB
3) Developing a composting program for food scraps at Dorchester and Port Elgin school
4) Continuing the PCP Milestone program with Dorchester and Port Elgin
5) Coordinating the 2022 annual Tantramar Climate Change Week

Components of the project included: 

  • the Tantramar Green Shops program
  • an online Renewable Energy Week for students
  • a Renewables NB Speaker Series, with Cape Jourimain
  • a map of renewable energy in New Brunswick
  • expanding the renewables NB network, having meetings
  • adding new case studies to the RNB website
  • building two 3-bin composters (1 for Dorchester and 1 for Port Elgin)
  • delivering presentations to schools about composting
  • continuing the PCP Milestone Program with the Village of Dorchester and the Village of Port Elgin
  • collecting data and creating an emissions inventory for 2019
  • coordinating the 10th annual Tantramar Climate Change Week

The project had a positive impact on communities in the Tantramar region and helped divert waste from the landfill. Members of the public became more knowledgeable by attending our events, and students at local schools were given hands on learning opportunities with the composting program at their school.

Read the full report here: 

ETF 3 2021-2022 Final Report