Tantramar Climate Change Week ’22

Tantramar Climate Change Week ’22

Daring to Hope at the Cliff’s Edge: An Active Hope webinar:

The Work that Reconnects, based on the teachings of Eco-Buddhist Philosopher, Joanna Macy, follows a spiral of practices that can help us meet the crisis of our times. In this 90-minute webinar, eco-poet Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland and environmental scientist, Lee Penny will engage our imaginations through poetry and discussion. We will delve into ‘creative space’ and write, looking at what it means to be an Earth Ally in these challenging times. Bring paper and pens and a willing mind.

By: Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland / Eco-poet, Theatre  Artist, Activist   Register Here!


Here is a testimonial from her most recent workshop…

“I never had any experience like this, and English is not even my first language…so interesting, my pen never left my paper…thank you so much!”  Jenny, participant Pangea’s Dream Part 1, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

This youtube video will give you a sense of Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland’s work : Previous work




Climate change mitigation and adaptation for New Brunswick agriculture:

By: Cedric MacLeod. Register Here!


Ts and Tanks: 

During this fun online workshop join Derrick to learn some quick and easy techniques for personalizing and reimagining t-shirts.  Supplies: T-shirts, scissors, chalk, mirror (Optional embroidery thread/needles, sewing machine)

By: Derrick Dixon (Hounds of Vintage).  Register Here!



More nuclear reactors for New Brunswick?

 Susan has been researching and writing about the proposal to build more nuclear reactors (SMRs) in New Brunswick at Point Lepreau on the Bay of Fundy. Her presentation will include an update on the nuclear situation in the province and how groups are mobilizing for a nuclear-free renewable energy future.

By: Dr. Susan O’Donnell, RAVEN project at UNB  Register Here!



Lessons Learned from EOS Eco-Energy’s Community-Based Natural Infrastructure Projects:

During this fun webinar join Amanda on a virtual tour of community-based natural infrastructure projects. Hear her lessons learned from projects including rain gardens, green roofs, foods forests and more. If you are thinking of doing any of these projects for your home, school, or community, don’t miss this informative webinar.

By: Amanda Marlin (Executive Director, EOS Eco-Energy) Register Here!



Town of Sackville: Municipal Action on Climate Change:

The Town of Sackville’s climate change coordinator, Kirsti Mrazek will be giving an overview of the various climate and sustainability plans Sackville has, and discussing current actions that are being developed in order to bring climate change considerations and action into municipal operations. 

By: Kirsti Mrazek (Climate Change Coordinator, Town of Sackville). Register Here!



Sharks, Whales and Sea Urchins: how the oceans are being impacted by climate change:

Kirsti Mrazek will be diving into how the global oceans are being impacted by climate change, highlighting research from three groups of organisms as case studies. She will also be discussing what various organizations and scientists are doing to address these impacts for hope for our future.

By: Kirsti Mrazek (Climate Change Coordinator, Town of Sackville). Register Here!



Climate Change Trivia Night:

Join us for an exciting virtual Trivia Night! This will be based on environment and climate change related facts on Kahoot.

By: Tori Fraser  Register Here!

About Tantramar Climate Change Week

Climate Change Week started in winter 2013 and has been popular ever since! Climate Change Week is an opportunity to celebrate solutions that exist and to remind ourselves to take action and to adapt to the changes we are already experiencing. It’s a time to learn more about climate change issues and how we can take personal measures at home, work and school. EOS would also like to see more communities and organizations take part in Climate Change Week. Our guide will help you organize and promote events in your community:  How to guide to Climate Change Week.

Thank you!

Thank you to groups and folks who have been involved in Climate Change Week in the past years:

  • Eco Action, Mount Allison University
  • Curt Nason, Royal Astronomical Society
  • Adam Cheeseman, Nature NB
  • Peter Thomas, CWS
  • Chignecto Naturalists Club
  • Port Elgin Regional School
  • Dorchester Consolidated School
  • Salem Elementary School
  • Marshview Middle School
  • Ecole Abbey Landry
  • Tantramar Family Resource Centre
  • Sackville Public Library
  • Daybreak
  • Sackville Commons
  • Sackville Art Hive
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Université de Moncton
  • Mount Allison University Fine Arts Department
  • Hounds of Vintage
  • Nature NB
  • And many more!

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