Climate Change AdaptationToolkit


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Aulac River and Tantramar Marshes

This toolkit has been prepared for residents and communities in the Tantramar Region (Sackville, Port Elgin, Dorchester and Memramcook) of southeast New Brunswick who are looking for local information on climate change and adaptation options to use in their outreach, education and communication efforts. Information in the toolkit has been compiled by Amanda Marlin, Climate Change Adaptation Project Coordinator for EOS Eco-Energy with funding from the New Brunswick ETF and the NB Regional Adaptation Collaborative.

With Research by: James Bornemann, Nathan Crowell,  Marcel Daigle, Réal Daigle, Michael Fox, Mel Jellett, Malinee Kongwongthai, Caroline Lee, David Lieske, Ryan Trenholm, Tim Webster, Jeff Wilson, and Yuri Yevdokimov

Mapping and GIS services provided by: James Bornemann, Geomatics Analyst, South East Regional Service Commission and Dr. David Lieske, Mount Allison University Geospatial Modelling Lab

Reviewed by: Emery Bourque, Craig Bowser, Roland Chiasson, Sabine Dietz, Joni Fleck-Andrews, Michael Fox, Mike Green, Mel Jellett, Bruce Kinnie, David Lieske, Sandi McGeachy, Kim McLeod, Terry Murphy, Margaret Tusz-King, and Tracey Wade

To discover all that the toolkit has to offer, check out these sections:

Foreword & Preface
What are Climate Change and Climate Change Adaptation?
What does Climate Change Mean for Tantramar?

  • Temperature Rise
  •  More Extreme Storms More Often
  •  Sea Level Rise
  • Changing Precipitation Patterns

Predicted Impacts

  • Dyke Breaches and Flooding
  • Transportation
  •  The Economic Cost of Future Flood Damages
  • Agriculture
  • Health Issues

What can be done? Ideas and Suggestions for Preparing and Adapting

  • Municipal Governments
  • Community Leaders
  •  Planners
  • Dyke Managers
  • EMO Coordinators
  • Residents
  • Farmers
  • Educators

Additional Resources

  • Local Contacts for Further Help and Support
  • Useful Websites
  • References and Resources

Disclaimer: The information contained in this toolkit is based on the best science available at the time of development; however, there are many unknowns associated with climate change and flood risk and it is impossible to anticipate everything. As a result, the toolkit offers the best available resources at this time and will be updated online as new information becomes available.

Produced by:

  • EOS Eco-Energy Inc.

In partnership with:

  • Mount Allison University Geospatial Modelling Lab
  • New Brunswick Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC)
  • South East Regional Service Commission

With funding from:

  • New Brunswick: Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work
  • Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association

Download the Toolkit in PDF: Tantramar-adaptation-toolkit-2013-2MB