Executive Director – Amanda Marlin, MES.

From Sutton, Quebec, Amanda has a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Geography from Mount Allison University and a Masters in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University. Amanda has worked in the sustainable community development field for over 15 years. She has experience working in the government, private, university and non-profit worlds. Over the years she has worked on climate change challenges, environmental education, community planning, Aboriginal issues, rural community development, and more. She has presented her work from the regional at the international level.  She has been on Boards of the New Brunswick Environmental Network, the Tantramar Family Resource Centre, Salem School Parent Support Committee, and Aster Environmental Services Group. In the past, she worked as an associate with Chignecto Consulting Group Inc., Mount Allison University’s Rural and Small Town Program, and Agriculture Canada. Her work with EOS has focused on climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable living, environmental education, and leading a great team of staff and volunteers. She was also instrumental in starting up Beausejour Renewable Energy Co-operative, a social enterprise that supports EOS. She lives on a small hobby farm in Sackville with her husband, Nic McLellan, and their two young children where they enjoy their solar hot water system, raising chickens, and tending to their gardens.

Projects Coordinator – Lauren Clark, BSc.

From the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia, Lauren is a graduate of Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies. She has worked with youth for many years including with the Katimavik National Experience and the Odyssey program. Lauren worked for EOS in 2015-2016 as a Student Project Assistant and returned in 2019. At EOS she has coordinated solar bulk purchase programs, installed retrofit materials, facilitated draft-proofing work parties and energy education programs for youth, as well as compiled community emissions inventories. Lauren facilitates municipalities’ participation in the Partners for Climate Protection Milestone program to reduce GHG emissions. She organizes solar home tours, creates educational videos, and has coordinated Tantramar Climate Change Week (an annual community-based event to raise awareness about climate change and local actions to combat it). Lauren loves spending time outdoors, exploring new places and playing music, as well as dreaming of widespread carpooling and waste sorting.


Climate Change Coordinator for Sackville – Kirsti Mrazek, MSc.

From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Kirsti has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Ocean Sciences from Dalhousie University and a Masters of Science in Marine Biology from James Cook UniversityKirsti has participated in various research projects ranging from habitat-usage of sharkslarval sea star ecology and ocean acidification impacts on sea urchins. She has also worked in educational outreach and science communication roles with non-profit organizations. Her role with EOS focuses on coordinating projects with the town of Sackville to mitigate and adapt to climate change, implement Sackville’s climate plans, attend and participate in Town Council meetings and spread climate change awareness in the community. Kirsti loves spending time on/near the water, travelling, camping, doing yoga and reading.


Food Forest Student Intern – Breanna MacLeod

Breanna is a 4th year Mount Allison University student studying geography and environment. She is working on food forest projects with local schools across the Tantramar region.


Climate Change Week Student Intern – Paniz Moradi

Panize is a second year Mount Allison University student. She is coordinating Tantramar Climate Change Week 2022.