Our Roots are in Community-Owned Renewable Energy

EOS Eco-Energy’s roots are in an initiative to start a community-owned wind farm in the early 2000s. Local residents in the Tantramar area of New Brunswick started the Tantramar Wind Power Association and later Renew Co-op. They commissioned a wind map and a feasibility study for a local wind farm. Unfortunately at the time the Government and NB Power were not interested in community-owned wind farms and the province did not have the rules in place to collect local investment dollars for community projects so plans for the community-owned wind farm ended. The group decided to shift gears and create a not-for-profit organization to focus on promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable development and climate change action. This became EOS Eco-Energy and it was incorporated in March of 2004. Many of the original members of Renew Co-op and those who started EOS Eco-Energy are still involved  today, nearly 15 years later.

Early members of EOS take part in a 350 Org event

EOS Eco-Energy’s Original Goal

The Tantramar region will use no more electricity than it can produce locally and sustainably.

This goal is still a major part of EOS’s work today and why we offer retrofit installs of energy saving devices for your home, as well as our draft-proofing work parties, solar panel bulk purchases and installs, and more.

Getting Back to Our Roots 

Now that Community Economic Development Corporations (which allow residents to invest in local projects), other regulations and programs are in place in the province, and due to the large support for solar energy in Tantramar, EOS has helped to create Beausejour Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd. (BRE), a renewable energy investment co-operative. They are seeking to pool local investment dollars to install solar and small scale wind projects in southeast New Brunswick. EOS is an investor member of BRE.

Empowering Local Solutions

EOS has come a long way in its nearly 15 years. We have worked on energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy, emission reduction, sustainable transportation, water conservation, waste reduction, climate change adaptation, and have most recently begun monitoring our local watersheds across the Chignecto Isthmus. Climate change issues and sustainable development touch all aspects of our lives and everyone has role to play in the solutions. EOS continues to partner with many organizations, institutions, businesses, all levels of government, and individual residents to continue empowering and implementing local solutions.

Find out more about the early days of EOS in this slide show:

History of EOS Eco-Energy 2001-2014


Previous EOS Staff:

  • Katie Friars (Executive Director)
  • Joni Fleck Andrews (Executive Director)
  • Giacomo Vecia (Student Intern)
  • Lisa Griffin (Project Coordinator) 
  • Maggie MacMichael (Project Coordinator) 
  • Robyn Snook (Student Intern)
  • Megan Mitton (Project Coordinator) 
  • Dylan Wooley-Berry (Student Intern)
  • Shoshanna Wingate (Project Coordinator) 
  • Jason Harasimo (Student Intern)
  • Kelli-Nicole Croucher (Watershed Coordinator) 
  • Emma Snowdon (Student Intern)
  • Eric Arbeau (Student Intern)
  • Truman Wood (Student Intern)
  • Julia Campbell (Watershed Coordinator) 
  • Catherine Priemer (Student Intern)
  • Amelia Moore (Student Intern)
  • Paniz Moradi (Student Intern)
  • Breanna Macleod (Student Intern)
  • Emilie Botma (Student Intern)
  • Lauren Clark (Energy Projects Coordinator)
  • Em Coates (Student Intern)
  • Julia Feltham (Energy Projects Coordinator)

Thank you for your contributions to EOS’ successes over the years!