Solar Bulk Purchase and Installation 2015

EOS Eco-Energy offered a bulk purchase and installation of solar panels during summer 2015. Find out all about the program below.

solar bulk purchase Poster

Why a solar bulk purchase and installation?

By purchasing panels as a group we can access lower prices. A bulk purchase reduces shipping costs and increases efficiencies. There are currently no government rebates or incentives in New Brunswick, but together we have the power to reduce the upfront costs. Another big advantage of the bulk program is that going solar as a community forms a support network that can be vital to sustainable living.

Who is the installer?

Fundy Solar ( is based in Jolicure, NB and is a CanSIA Certified installer who is licensed to install solar grid-tied and off-grid systems across the Maritimes. Fundy Solar has been in operation for more than 10 years and is a trusted local resource who follows all safety codes and permit processes.

What kind of solar panels are being installed?

The panels are 255 watt JinkoSolar Canada panels. They are made in Canada and meet Ontario’s domestic content requirements. The panels come with a 10 year warranty on parts and a 25 year 80% power performance warranty. The solar panels are made from silicon, which is a non-toxic substance and remains stable over time. The bulk price is only $1/watt (normally $1.12/watt). The measurement of a panel is 40×65 inches.

What is the installation Process? (you must have the panels installed by Fundy Solar by December 2015)

People interested in purchasing panels as part of the bulk program must also have Fundy Solar install them. Installation costs are extra. The first step is to contact EOS to organize a site assessment. Fundy Solar is offering bulk participants site assessments for only $75 (25% off the regular price). Site assessments and panel orders must take place by August 18th and installation by December 2015.

Who can participate?

While the program is aimed at the Tantramar-Memramcook region of New Brunswick, Fundy Solar is licensed to install solar systems across the Maritimes. Customers from outside the Tantramar-Memramcook region are welcome to participate but may be subject to additional transportation costs from Fundy Solar.

What are the costs?

Through the bulk purchase the panels are only $1/watt (normally $1.12/watt). The cost of a site assessment is $75 (that’s 25% off the regular price!). Installation costs are extra and subject to your particular needs and situation (roof or ground mount, location, on or off grid or hybrid system, etc.). The average cost for an easy (with no surprises or special issues) roof-mounted system can cost about $3/watt or so, including panels. However, there are many variables and a correct estimate can only be achieved with a site assessment.

What are the program deadlines?

Site assessments and panel orders must take place by August 18th, 2015 and installation by December 2015. Installation must be done by Fundy Solar.

How do I calculate my solar energy needs?

Have a look at your power bills from the last year. The average household in Canada uses about 12,000kwh per year. Take this number and divide by 1150kwh/kw of installed solar. This will equal the capacity needed to be net zero (in this case 10.43kw, or 40 panels). Another way to think about it is that 1000 watts of installed solar power will give you 1150kwh of energy output. Solar energy projects are often as small as 4kw and still contribute to a household’s power needs while helping to reduce emissions and power bills.

Where can I access financing for solar installations?

New Brunswick homeowners in need of financing can contact the NBTA Credit Union for more information on their preferred residential rates and Greener Home Loans ( Greener Home Loans are for NB homeowners who are upgrading their homes to more efficient technology. You do not have to be a teacher to use the NBTA Credit Union.

How many kilowatts are needed for the bulk program to go ahead?

In order to receive the bulk panel discount for participants, EOS needs 15kw of panels installed across all projects (or about 60 panels). The preferable size of individual projects should be at least 4kw. If you are planning a smaller project, please get in touch with EOS.

How does participating in the bulk program help EOS?

By participating in the bulk solar program, people are also helping to support EOS Eco-Energy because Fundy Solar is donating 2% from each project to help with EOS’s work to promote renewable energy in the Tantramar-Memramcook region.

What is the next step?

Now that you know all about the program, just contact the EOS office (see below) to sign up for a site assessment. Then you can order your panels and have them installed by Fundy Solar.

Who can I contact for more information on the bulk program?

Amanda Marlin, Executive Director

EOS Eco-Energy


Download your own Program Fact Sheet: EOS Solar Bulk Fact Sheet