Draft-Proofing Work Parties

EOS Eco-Energy is currently accepting registrations from Tantramar area homeowners with lower incomes who would like to host a FREE draft-proofing work party. Draft-proofing work parties allow a homeowner and his/her guests to learn how to seal leaks and then work together to draft-proof the homeowner’s house during a party. Priority will be given to homes who do not heat with electricity but are open to all heating sources. This program will be at no cost to the homeowners. EOS will coordinate catering for the parties and cover the cost of materials. EOS is partnering with certified energy advisors who will teach the host and guests about draft-proofing and perform a before and after blower door test to measure the improvements made. The program will run for at least the next three years and applications will be received on an on-going basis. EOS Eco-Energy has received funding from  Westmorland-Albert Action (our local Community Inclusion Network) and the Federal Government’s Eco Action for this project. EOS is looking for about 14 homes and one non-profit business in need of draft proofing each year.

Draft -proofing Work Party Application Form :Draft-Proofing Party Questionnaire 2017

Please submit your completed application form to EOS via eos@nb.aibn.com or to the EOS office at 131D Main St., Sackville  NB E4L 1G6. If you have questions, contact Amanda at eos@nb.aibn.com or 536-4487.