About EOS Eco-Energy

EOS Eco-Energy is a non-for-profit organization based out of Sackville, New Brunswick. We are dedicated to energy sustainability in Tantramar and pursue that goal by promoting energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, and sustainable community planning.

EOS Eco-Energy was created around a vision of the Tantramar Region of Southeastern New Brunswick becoming a model for

  1. energy conservation
  2. renewable energy and
  3. sustainable community planning.

Through these approaches Tantramar will become:

  • self sufficient in electricity generation;
  • reduce our reliance on dwindling fossil fuels;
  • meet the challenges of climate change and;
  • create vibrant healthy communities.

In summary, EOS is committed to a vision of the Tantramar Region being green energy sustainable. In other words, that we use no more energy in our region than we can produce, using sustainable methods.

Our Mission

EOS Eco-Energy is dedicated to energy sustainability in Tantramar and pursues that goal by active collaboration on research, education, projects and action with individuals, communities, and organizations in the region.

What’s in a Name?

Eos is the Greek word for dawn or new beginning. The original thought was to use “EOS” as an acronym (e.g. Energy, Opportunity, Sustainability). After careful consideration, it was decided that using the simple Greek meaning was the best use to convey the identity of the group.

Message from the Chair

All this talk of climate change can make one want to bury their head in the sand or simply pretend that the problem does not exist. Realistically, neither of these tricks work; however, in times of crisis there is hope and an opportunity to take action. In fact, I firmly believe that climate change will result in our communities becoming stronger with a greater sense of independence and self-reliance.

EOS is helping to make that transition.

Join us in creating a more vibrant future.

Roland Chiasson, Chair of EOS Eco-Energy Inc.


EOS Eco-Energy was awarded an Environmental Leadership Award in 2005 from the New Brunswick Department of the Environment for significant contributions in promoting environmental awareness. Environmental Leadership Awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and businesses that demonstrate exceptional leadership in the enhancement and protection of the environment.