Read about Sackville’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Sackville’s electric vehicle charging station was installed last fall and its use has been monitored. The final project report is now available. EOS wishes to thank the Mouth Allison Student’s Union Green Investment Fund as well as the Town of Sackville for helping to fund this project. The Town of Sackville is also covering the ongoing costs of the charging station so that the public may charge vehicles for free! For more information on this project, please contact EOS at or 506-536-4487.

Eco-Friendly Kids Crafts CANCELLED

As part of Tantramar Climate Change Week the TFRC’s Eco-Friendly Kids Crafts scheduled for this afternoon, February 5th has been cancelled due to the weather. For the schedule of remaining events (including David Coon’s talk on renewable energy, and the session Living off the Grid) please click here.